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Infrastructure details

Status of Infrastructure in JNV's
I Area of land  allotted (in acres) :      30 acres  
Whether land transferred in the Name of Samiti        Yes, transferred on 99 years lease  
Vidyalaya shifted to permanent buildings on        Yes, shifted to permanent site  
  Status of Boundary Wall : (Completed / Incomplete)  
a.  Brick Wall Brick wall completed,  
b.  Barbed wire fencing    
iii Permanent buildings constructed : (CBRI pattern/ CPWD pattern)  
CBRI pattern  
iv School building : Complete / Incomplete  
v Dormitories :  Boys 05 Nos.  
   With Warden Residence_02 Nos.  
    :  Girls 03 Nos.  
   with Warden Residence 01 Nos.  
vi Kitchen/dining Hall :  Complete / not complete, Area completed.    
No. of shifts required for all students  to take food Completed  
vii Principal Residence :  01 No.  
viii Staff Quarters Principal quarter- 1  
Type   I       =          12. Nos  
  Type    II   =        1(Guest House)  Nos.  
  Type     III    =     28   Nos.  
x M.P. Hall : Available  
x Workshop : Available  
xi Type of O.H. Tank :   Shaft type / Column based � Column  
Its capacity       based  
Present Status :  100000 liters  
  :  Working satisfactory  
xii U.G. tank    
Its capacity :  100000 liters  
Present Status    
  :  Working satisfactory  
xiii D.G. Set :  Available  
:  KIRLOSKATR make  
:  10  KV  
:  Working  
: Year of procurement 1991-92  
xiv Sewage Pump :  H.P.(NOT AVAILABLE)  
xv Water Pump :    Capacity  
xvi Electrification    
Electric connection    
Sub Station building :   URBAN  FEEDER  
Street lighting :    Complete  
  :    65 Nos. of Poles  
Numbers of hrs. During day when power supply is available on an average.    
  :  9-10 hrs.  
xvii Playfields    
400 meter track : Not available  
40 x 30 metre basket ball court : 02 Nos.   � Available  
40 x 30 metre volley ball court : 06 Nos.   � Available  
xviii Water supply    
Tube Well : Potable   01 Nos.-  working  
Hand pump : Potable,  NIL   
Connection from PHED : 10  hours supply in a day  
xix Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van :  Available  
xx Fire fighting arrangement :  Working  
xxi Last date of cleaning of    
(a)    Septic tank :   October 2007  
(b)   Water tanks :   27.06.2008  
xxii Whether area around transformer is fenced :  Yes    
xxiii Whether open wells, if any, are covered from top :   NA  
xxiv Works taken up under M&R fund during current year and last year:- :  
Year Name of work  (M&R) Expenditure Cumulative expenditure during the year  
(Rs. In lacs)  
2007-08 Exterior Polymer based Colour, Interior wash, enamel colour wash of school building, kitchen, and dining hall and fixing up of Electrical and Plumbing items etc.      
  Interior white wash of the school buildings, all dormitories except senior girls, enamel painting for bathroom, toilets, stair case, grill gates, doors in dormitories and school buildings.      
          1.49 Up to June 2008  
Details of vehicle provided to the Vidyalaya
24 (i) Whether vehicle is provided or not (Yes/No)   Yes    
(ii) Vehicle Description Mahindra Allwyn Nissan Multi-purpose Van - Provided by NVS     
(AP 28 T 792)     
Maruti Eeco (TS 07 EF 8062)    
(iii) Model no and date of purchase. Mahindra Allwyn Nissan Multi-purpose School Children Van on 23.6.90     
Maruti Eeco - Donated by PTC in November 2014    
(iv) Present condition of the Vehicle. Mahindra Allwyn Van - Condemned     
Maruti Eeco - Working    
6 Highest Class Class XII
7 Stream strength of students Stream XI XII
Science         addmission to begin shortly          40
Dakshana         addmission to begin shortly           60
8 Students Strength :  
  (i) Total no. of students selected through JNVST for class VI JNVST Result awaited
  (ii) Students belonging to PH category -
  (iii) Staff ward -
  (iv) Total :Students Strength -